Virgin Megastore

Virgin Megastore is a global leader in retail entertainment with over 40 stores throughout the Middle East. Since its establishment in the KSA in 2008, Virgin Megastore set an unbounded target of expanding its product selection lines to fulfill to growing trends that are eminent for the region.

A one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs, not just music, not only movies. Virgin Megastore offers a wide range of products, including CDs, DVDs, Books, Electronics, Multimedia, Games, Accessories, merchandise computers, Tickets and a whole lot more...

Virgin Megastore has created a whole new dimension in entertainment by catering to local cultures through events, activities and support of local artists. Virgin Megastore is truly a global brand with local flavor. With its unique shopping experience, Virgin Megastore is an innovative entertainment destination for the young and young at heart. We've got the right mix of the target group coming into our premises every single day. So be it event tickets or pop-idol merchandise, Virgin Megastore is the place to get it all.