Fantasy World

Fantasy World welcomed its first customer in Kuwait on April 28, 1996. Importing some of the finest toys from Europe, the United States and The Far East and retailing them at a 1000 square meter free standing building resembling a castle at the Al Rai business district in Kuwait, the US-designed store was the region’s first upscale toy store concept then in Kuwait.

Organized as per the convenience of the customers the toys are segmented into categories such as Amazing Minds, Early Years, Boys World, Girls World, Tweens & Lifestyle, Outdoor & Sports that cover the needs of all kids from infants to twelve-year-old’s.

EDGE (Eclectic Designer Gifting Excitement) a special segment with latest technological gadgets accessories are ideal for gifting adults, most of Fantasy World’s toys meet American and European safety standards. From humble beginnings, the Fantasy World brand grew to become a leader of branded and specialty toys. Fantasy World now has five stores in Kuwait at different locations and is recognized as the first choice for toys and offers the latest, best and widest range of branded toys.