uPlane- micro plane bluetooth controled via smartphone

 uPlane is designed for small space indoor flying such as living room, office, and classroom etc, which can be controlled by both smartphones (via Bluetooth) and 2.4 GHz controller.Spirit is easy to control and funny to fly, it can even take off and land on a small desk. With the quick charge technology(6 mins fully charged, normal RC plane charging time is more than 30 mins), users can enjoy more flying than waiting for charging.


uPlane is developed by H&Q, which is an RC plane controlled app via smartphone Bluetooth.It has aeroplane animation display, throttle control and rudder control.It use the smartphone's Gyro, G-sensor to detect the phone action, after innovative calculate method then output the proportional rudder control command.The user just twists the phone to achieve the plane turn left and right. The throttle proportional control command is generated by the thumb touching screen from the bottom to the up line.The user also could set or choose the background music he loves, this is the individual setting for an excellent fly experience.The plane animation includes all planes, the user could choose the one he loves to display.If the user wants to change another plane fly he also could use the Bluetooth re-bind functions.In general, this app design is humanised and very convenient easy to use.


➢Range up to 400 feet (2.4GHZ Transmitter)
➢Pre-programmed algorithm and unique CPU to perform 360-degree flips.
➢RFlying time 6-8 mines without camera 5 mines with the camera. Includes 4 spare blades.
➢Comes with 2.4 GHz Controller