The next generation must-have R/C Toy.

The Micro Drone 2.0 quadcopter uses four rotors to ascend into the air and uses advanced robotics to stabilize and perform mid air stunts. It packs some serious kit including a birds eye camera , sensors and professional grade remote. It’s the next generation must-have R/C Toy at an extremely affordable price.

Micro Drone 2.0

The Micro Drone 2.0 is really small. That’s why there’s the “micro” in its name. It is a quadcopter, so there are four rotors, one at each end of the X-frame which makes up its main chassis. The drone measures just 145 mm long from tip to tip across the X-frame, plus about another 20 mm at each end for the rotor that goes beyond the edge. It’s also awfully light, weighing about 36g.


➢TMicro Drone Li-Po battery is removable and slides out of the battery compartment.
➢Extra batteries are available to order, as well as extra large 550mAh batteries, we recommend having a number of batteries, allowing you to extend the flight time.
➢Replacement propellers are available to order - please refer to the guide on the instruction manual when choosing the correct propellers as each of the four propeller are specific to each motor arm.
➢The Drone is modular and slots together in eight pieces, allowing you to build it up and replace any part.