3D scanning technology that brilliantly captures reality

In a matter of seconds, capture reality with HP’s new 3D scan solution. Create precise360° 3Dmodels using mobile hardware with enhanced structured light scanning technology to enable productivity and creativity.

Create precise 360⁰ 3D models of objects.

Work in tandem to create unique structured light patterns. The HP 3D HD Camera Pro detects the patterns beamed out by the projector to generate 3D models of physical objects.

Intuitive, high-precision proprietary structured light scanning software that enhances scan results for objects with reflective surfaces and also supports the dual-cameras for complete stereo vision.

Export 3D models in common file formats—such as OBJ, STL and PLY—that are compatible across a wide range of popular 3D CAD programs.

Enhance your scanning experience

Secure the camera to the aluminium rail. The slider allows for easy camera movement and angle adjustments based on the size of the object and distance from the scanner.

Improve precision and stabilize the scanning components with this mobile, flexible solution. Easily move and position the scanner around objects to be scanned.

Calibrate the scanning software to capture objects of various sizes using the gridded panels to enable accurate and undistorted 3D data collection. The two panels come with four different grid patterns sized from 30mm to 240mm.


Digitize reality with exceptional precision


Enhanced structured light scanning technology captures the physical dimensions of an object and creates a digitalized 360° 3D model with up to 0.05 mm resolution.


Fast scanning; seamless modeling

Bridge reality with incredible speed. Capture individual scans in a matter of seconds1 and fuse them into 360° 3D models that are widely compatible with 3D CAD programs and file types.


Flexible, scalable and highly mobile

Make what’s real, digital – from a six-cylinder engine down to the bolts that secure it. Additionally, accelerate the scan process with upgrades and optional accessories.